Rose Types

Wild Roses

Wild roses belong to the class of Rosa and these are those roses that are found growing in the wild across the world and especially in the Northern hemisphere. Jungles, valleys, woods, thickets- wherever you go you can find these roses growing in the wild. They grow at all places at all altitudes, and have been doing so since time immemorial. And the modern cultivated roses we find in homes and gardens can trace their parentage back to these roses growing in the wild.

Wild Roses are mentioned in many ancient lore and legends, in the Greco-Roman civilization the rose was used to denote love and union. The roses had a religious connotation, and various rose extracts were used for their medicinal properties. It was much later that the era of modern rose growing as we know it, began. And roses became items of trade and thus began deliberate breeding and hybridization of roses. This led to the origin of innumerable variety of roses which were bred from a comparatively smaller and limited number of wild roses which occurred in nature.

Wild roses are very hardy and can be cultivated in rose gardens with ease. Since they have grown in jungles and mountains for centuries they are immune to most diseases. They can withstand any temperature, any climate. They can do without much water for long periods of time and have no need for artificial fertilizing. So basically they don't need much fussing over, they spread and reproduce easily, can be transplanted whenever.

Many types of wild roses are actually grown in gardens and they are:

Rosa Nutkana  
This type of wild rose prefers mild climates,, the blooms are pink and the shrub forms an arch. These shrubs grow very quickly and need pruning, and though they can stand climatic variations, a sunny, drained location is the bet bet.  

Rosa Rugosa  
This type of rose has given to a number of offspring, and is found mainly in the Far East, in China, Japan, Korea etc. this too is pink and the hips are reminiscent of tomatoes because of their shape and colour. It grows best in a sunny place, which is drained and the soil must ideally have a high acid content. It grows very well in the coastal areas, it can stand salty soil. Like all wild roses, Rosa Rugosa  grows very fast and needs to be trimmed from time to time.   

Rosa Foliolosa  
This type of rose has a small bloom and is found in Central and North Central Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas i.e. in the prairie region. It's also called a prairie rose. The shrubs are delicate, thin wooded, and each leaf has nine leaflets. Its foliage is bright green and has the appearance of a fern.   

Rosa Blanda  
Like the previous one, this rose too belongs to the Rosaceae family and its fruits look like apples. It's a strange shrub without thorns and is known as meadow rose. It needs a rich soil and plenty of sun to grow properly. The blooms again, are pink. The plant flowers in summer, from June to August.