Rose Types

Shrub Roses

Among all types of roses, shrub roses are the hardiest ones, in fact they are especially known for their exceptional hardy quality. Many of the variety produce flowers that are scented and bloom over a longer duration of time. The best feature of these plants is that they are very resistant to diseases and moreover grow best on their own roots. Therefore you do not need to put in extra effort for the good growth of the plant by grafting it on to any other plant root.

If you are looking for shrub roses that are white in color then you can choose from Iceberg or Gourmet Popcorn. Iceberg is a five footer white beauty that has a remarkable spicy scent and bears profusion of flowers repeatedly while the Gourmet Popcorn is a nicely perfumed dwarf rose variety that bear hundreds of little blooms throughout spring till the end of fall.
Yellow flower varieties are Sally Holmes and Golden Wings that you like to choose from. The Sally Holmes is a six footer plant whose ivory-yellow colored, lightly perfumed booms are borne on its long stems. The plant blooms flowers usually from spring through the entire duration of autumn. The Golden Wings variety however is a single flowering shrub but it is highly noted for its great quality of blooms. Perhaps you could also check out the Graham Thomas variety if you are interested in a double bloom plant for it is beautiful as well as scented. A hardy rose that you might also look into is Harrison's Yellow which is best suited to a mountainous climate.

Looking for a pink variety? Well here it is. Go for the Banshee. It is beautiful, fragrant as well as pink, the color you want. An added advantage of this rose is that it is ideal to be gifted to anyone, mother, wife , husband; anyone at all and all because of its ten footed canes which make it ideal for long stemmed cut roses. Other pink varieties that you might want to check out are Apple Jack and William Baffin, the latter being better suited for elevated regions.
If red is next in line in your rose search then you might want to check out Dortmund, a red flowered pretty shrub or, for higher elevations, Champlain or George Vancouver. For dark and deep red flowers you can try out Tradescant and for medium red blooms Othello.
A beautiful variety of rose which has to be mentioned is the Red-leaf rose which not only has beautiful blooms and a long lasting attractive rose hip but also beautiful reddish-purple leaves which triple its attraction quotient.

Pruning is very important but make sure you do it properly. Try the one-third method for pruning:

1. Remove one-third of the oldest canes at around spring.

2. Replace them with one-third of the very youngest canes that had grown only previous season.

3. Remove the remaining canes.