Rose Types

Rose Gardening Tools

Nowadays, a variety of gardening equipments are accessible to the home gardener, at local garden centers, or superstores or the Internet. Commercials proclaim the latest fancy gardening device. You have the option of spending hundreds of dollars on fancy gardening tools but the point is, if you look at the basics, rose gardening requires only s few necessities.

Since the cliché "Every rose has its thorn" is all too true the first piece of gardening gear that you must invest in is a good pair of gloves. The rose garden is quite a tough place to be in so sweet cotton gloves that will only serve to keep your fingers clean simply won't do. What you need is a pair of heavy, serviceable leather gloves with a cuff for maximum protection when you are pruning the bushes. Some devious roses have miniscule thorns running along the length of the stem and if your hands aren't protected properly then they could easily pierce your skin as you try to take hold of the stems to cut back growth. 

Once we move onto the subject of pruning, a good set of pruning shears is vital. Shears can be classified into two types; one of which is totally unsuited for rose gardening. This is the Anvil Pruner that is characterized by blades meeting on top of each other. If used on roses it would squash the canes and stems. The more appropriate type for roses is the Bypass Pruner that is shaped like scissors, with blades that pass each other. 

These guard the stems and the canes of your rose plants when you are cutting them into shape. You should choose a pair of shears that gives you an easy grip and fits the size of your hand. This is for your own benefit, as you need them often while gardening. If you have young children then you must use a locking mechanism on the shears in order to prevent any untoward incident.

The other tools that you require are rather basic and yet necessary; these are a rake, a spade and a shovel. You should select a garden rake with pointed metal tines that have close spaces between them rather than a leaf rake that has metal tines with wider spaces.
This will aid you in leveling the soil for your rose beds. A hand-held spade is absolutely necessary to move the soil around the rose bushes. For planting, a shovel with a long handle is advisable. However, a great deal of care should be taken while determining the size and other parameters of comfort. This is because this is a tool to be used frequently in your rose garden.  

The last array of tools, to include in your set, is concerned with the watering and care of the plants. You will require a watering arrangement.  Especially crucial is the long handled garden wand sprayer that needs to be fixed to a hose. These greatly simplify the process of watering your plants, and assist in reaching those slightly devious hanging baskets as well.

A pressure sprayer for purposes of application of manure and pesticides is immensely useful and is truly a priceless addition to your gardening gear. This tool makes things so easy; even the tedious job of mixing and applying.

These tools are essential in constructing a basic repertoire of gardening equipment. Once complete, you can arm yourself with the necessities and embark on a successful stint with rose gardening.