Rose Types

Rose Gardening Basics 

Please do not let the flying rumors about rose gardening being a very difficult job hinder you from indulging in a plush and beautiful rose garden. You will gradually get used to the methods of rose gardening and will reap amazing benefits!

The first thing that you need to be sure about is the kind of rose plant that you want in your garden. The color is just one of the many factors that need to be taken care of. There are various kinds of rose plants- bare-root, prepackaged, container-grown and others. You need to select your chosen type. It is from winter to early spring that the bare-root rose plants are found. You need to plant them once the frost melts and the soil is fit for plantation.

Repackaged rose plants are available in boxes containing sawdust or any other such component that keeps the root wet. In other respects the prepackaged rose plant is like the bare-root plant. It is in the early spring time that other varieties of rose plants are obtainable in containers. The rose plants available in containers are usually in their budding stage and flourish quickly.

The method of planting a rose plant is just like the planting process of any other form of vegetation. You need a well nourished soil to begin with. In case you have planted shrubs earlier, then you should face no difficulty planting a rose plant as the process is similar. There should be a good supply of water and also the water draining should be perfect, the area must receive sufficient amount of sunlight and the space should be large enough such that the rose plants are not congested or piled too close to each other. The dry leaves as well as the undernourished shoots need to be eliminated before planting. Cut the roots to a good size; let them not be too long. In case you have chosen bare-root type of rose plant, it is essential; for you to keep them in water for around 10 to 12 hours such that they regain their moisture level. Dig a large hole, one that will properly fit the roots of the rose plants. Compost or organic mulch can be used if you so wish. Nutrients let the rose plants grow and flourish.

Rose plants need a bit more quantity of all the components that you put in for the growth of other shrubs. They require more fertilizers in quantity and also need them for a longer period of time. You have to begin as soon as the spring season commences and have to keep fertilizing until the commencement of fall. However always note that the fertilization is not excessive. The other factor that needs to be taken care of along with fertilization is watering the plants adequately. The rose plants require a lot of water and it is essential for you to absolutely wet the rose bed once in a span of three to four days.  

Pruning is another aspect that is important. Pruning lets the rose flowers flourish more and also nourishes the entire plant. Your plant will thus be very healthy. The pruning process varies as according to the variety of the rose plant and hence it is advisable that you look up the instructions and advice provided to you when you get the rose plant from the shop.
Watering is the most significant aspect of rose gardening. Another absolutely essential factor is the kind of fertilizer you use and the amount that you put in. pruning is important because it just doe not make your rose plant look beautiful but also nourishes your plant.

Thus you might feel that rose gardening is tedious, which it is, but the outcome is absolutely fascinating. It is then that you will realize that all the toil you put in was worth it!