Rose Types

Red Rose

That the red rose is almost 35 million years old has been confirmed by the facts and data. The two standard rose types that are also widely found are the Oriental species and their hybrids as well as the European and Mediterranean species and their hybrids. One can cultivate a red rose just about in any place across the world provided that the specific species of the red rose is favorably supported by the weather of that region. 

Thus it is not shocking to find that the early Greek, Egyptian as well as Roman cultures had placed the red rose on a pedestal. The surroundings of the old Egyptian graves do have traces of rose fossils. That the rose is revered by Bacchus, the god of wine as well as Venus, the goddess of love in the Greek mythology is understood by the several references to this flower. The other god associated intricately with the red rose is Cupid. 

Red roses are the universal symbols of love and magnificence. The poets refer to them, the prose tracts abound in them and also people all over the world articulate their innermost feelings by gifting the red rose. Some live under the impression that the red rose can only be gifted to the person you love as in romantic love. However, many are of the notion that the red rose can be presented to anyone who is deeply treasured and adored. The red rose is just not meant for the beloved; it can be given to a friend, a cousin, a parent, a sister or a brother or even your new neighbors who should be greeted with warmth and liking. They can be taken by a bride on her most auspicious day or even a lover on Valentine's Day.  

Red roses can be presented in different configurations- just one red rose or a posy of red roses or the long stem red roses or the deep red roses- and this often becomes a very tough selection. They fret about the perfect "rose etiquette". The rose conventional abides by these certain rules. These rules suggest that one red rose signifies just liking and not passionate love; a bunch of roses mean a heart brimming with love; all the people who are amazingly elegant and stylish should be presented with long stem roses and the deep red roses reveal zeal and yearning.

It is a mystery why people all over the world prefer red roses to other flowers or why the red rose outshines all other flowers in its elegance and enchantment. Well one can only attribute the rose's popularity to its splendor as well its magnificence – even when put amidst pretty lilies, jovial carnations, sweet tulips, lovely orchids and also appealing roses of all other hues. Enthralling, captivating and mysterious are the words that best describe the red rose.

The red roses retain their grandeur – it does not matter which vessel they are put into. You are sure to notice a red rose in some office or a shopping plaza or a house or a restaurant. You will definitely see a red rose tucked in a bride's hand or one put in some official's revere. People take time to look at the red rose in some woman's hand in case she is carrying one on Valentine's Day!

The red rose transcends beyond the temporal order and hence it is this flower that is painted on the cards meant for all auspicious moments.  The red rose draws people to one another and also gives a new dimension to the articulation of affection, desire, love as well as grace.