Rose Types

Rambler Roses 

Ramblers are climbers which bloom annually. They are a very energetic species of climbers which flower abundantly. They are usually quite fragrant. Ramblers can often be seen in Victorian paintings as also in photos of the modern English gardens where they grow on archways or walls. They are usually planted near cottage doorways and garden entrances. They can be used to climb on trees or small buildings and are often used to cover architectural blemishes. Often, they are also used to heighten the beauty of patio coverings, entryways, fences, porches and gazebos. 

There are some remarkable varieties available which are of great value such as the Crimson and Yellow ramblers. Among the available varieties of climbing roses, they are ideal for decorating pillars, trellis, arbors and for covering porches. They bloom profusely in the flowering season and are coveted because they are hardy and grow abundantly. Even amateurs can cultivate them because are usually immune to diseases and insects. 

* Crimson ramblers: This is quite striking among hardy climbing roses. They grow as much as 10 and 20 feet in a season, and are pleasant even when cultivated in bushes. It originated in Japan where it is known as the cherry rose due to its bright colour. Thus every garden should have this variety to lend it colour and brightness.

* Yellow Rambler: This is the only available variety of yellow climbing rose. This makes it more unique than its famous counterpart, the crimson rambler. It resembles the crimson rambler, with the obvious distinction of having deep golden yellow flowers.

* White Rambler: This too is quite unique in appearance and characteristics, and it is especially valuable as a result of it. The flowers are fragrant and a virgin white. The flowers usually grow in clusters and a well cultivated plant is a beauty to behold.

* Pink Rambler: This variety of the hardy climbing rose  shares its characteristics with the white rose. It is hardy and a pleasure to behold. It obviously differs in colour from the white variety since it is a beautiful shade of light carmine.

Rambler roses are remarkable because of the rapidity at which they grow. They often develop canes as long as 20 feet- that too, in a single season. The flowers usually grow in thick bunches (or clusters), and are quite small. Each flower measures about 2 inches across. These plants flower once in season, and on canes which are produced in the preceding year. They are characterized by their glossy leaves and hardy nature. However, in some cases, they are susceptible to mildew. Older varieties are now being substituted by newer ones which bear larger flowers, are less susceptible to mildew and are in bloom throughout the year, regardless of the season.