Rose Types

Portland Rose  

Portland is also known as the "rose city" and the "city of roses" and this comes as no surprise as this city is filled with rose garden. The climate of Portland is such that it is very conducive to the growth of roses. It is also known as "Bridgetown" mainly because it has a lot of bridges and also "puddle town" in reference to o its weather. Portland is very close to the rivers Columbia and Willamette and thus it is also referred as the "river city".

In an effort to promote the Portland region, a non profit organization called the Portland Rose Festival Organization organizes the annual civic festival that is organized n the month of June. The idea of rose festival was given by the mayor Harry Lane; mayor Harry Lane in a speech suggested that organization of this rose festival at the end of Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1905. The very first festival took place in the year 1907.

The main eye catcher of this festival is the flower parade, this flower parade is the second largest flower paraded in the whole of United States, also this parade is watched by spectators whose numbers reach as high as 5,00,000., this makes it the largest even in the whole of Oregon.

Since the year 1930 there had been a tradition of selecting a queen from the court of high school seniors, from each school in the area. The members were previously called "princess" but later on the name was changed to "ambassadors". Since January 2007, the members of the court have got back their original name of being called princess again.
In addition to the rose festival there is also a Plunderathon, this is a pirate theme roving festival. This festival starts at Skidmore fountain; the purpose of this festival is to have a non-family and a non-friendly way to recover from the Rose festival.

In the year 1917, five acres of land were east aside such that they could be used in order to test rose growing garden. The roses are planted in rows and such it is possible that you can get very close to them in order to smell them. Another advantage of a row plantation is that you can easily capture this beauty in your camera. In case you are interested in gardening or photography then there is a variety of things that you can do at the Portland rose garden. Even if you are not interested in photography or gardening, still you can have a great time here, you will surely enjoy the view of Mount Hood and the beautiful Portland rose garden. Once you are here you can also take back home rose scented souvenirs in a variety of shape and sizes.