Rose Types

Old Garden Roses 

Old garden roses are varieties of roses which were known even before the year 1867. Albas, Centifolias, Damasks, Bouborns, Gallicas etc are a few of the old garden rose varieties. Besides these popular old garden varieties there are also a few which are not so very popular like the Ayrshires, Boursaults, and Elegantines etc.  

The old garden rose varieties are the best if their landscape designing property is taken into account but one thing that the gardener has to take into account is the recurrence of blooms after all questions like "how, why, where and which" have been ultimately decided upon. According to the order of bloom, landscape designers have divided the roses into two groups, one which blooms only once and the other which blooms repeatedly. The once blooming variety however last longer than the recurring variety. The flush of blooms of the once blooming variety can last for as long as several weeks and will definitely keep your garden gay with the fragrance and color splash. These roses can also be used as structure covers and can be easily given the shape of an arch, a pergola or even an arbor. All you have to do is find a tall growing variety and place it on your arbor or pergola and see the difference. Even when it will not bloom it will provide with the much needed shade in summer after its spring splash.

There is one variety called the Gallicas which is to say the jewel of the old garden rose varieties. They bloom in an amazing range of colors and moreover the colors that they bloom in sometimes get blended with a shade of grey as the blooms get older. Colors like mauve, crimson, grape, magenta, burgundy, pink and violet etc are available in this variety of rose.  The colors become intensified in the dark colored varieties and since the petals are thick and matt therefore they reflect light all the lesser. Sometimes the petals have a beautiful velvety texture to them especially in the blooms which are blackish in color. 
This variety, the Gallicas, is actually the ancestor of many varieties of modern rose that we grow in our gardens today. Generally they are shrubs which grow to a height of one meter with lots of upright foliage and canes to make the shrub neat. Moreover the Gallicas have no disease problems and they are a good garden choice since they are very low on maintenance.  

The last thing about the plant that I would rather mention than omit is that all varieties of Gallicas are intensely fragrant and the fragrance is very sweet but if you are looking for a rose only for the beauty of its smell then you would rather go for Belle Isis or David Austen or Constance Spry roses.