Rose Types

Moss Roses

The first of all moss rose appeared in the eighteen century, these were the mutilation or sport of the Centifolia rose. Later on with the joining of these roses to the sport of damasks region they were able to get roses that were darker in color and had a characteristic of repeated blooming. These roses are unique amongst all roses, they have a fuzzy appearance that is not common to all roses and this appearance is as a result of the fragrant glands that covers the buds, sepals and pedicles. These plants are very hardy but they are often prone to powdery mildew when in the season of the disease. The blooming season of these moss roses are in early summer some of them also re-bloom later in the season. The color of the flower ranges from white to dark crimson.

Although growing of moss rose is almost the same as growing any other kind of rose, but still it has a unique feature that is the "moss". The flower bed in this case is surrounded by a strange-looking mossy growth and when you rub your hands along with this growth you will be able to get the smell of turpentine or oily fragrance.

The most challenging part of growing moss roses is that you have to put up with very prickly canes, it is important that you keep pruning this plant otherwise they become un manageable at times. On the stems and the sepals you can find a mutation of the glands, this mutation of the glands appears as if greenish and reddish green moss were growing there. In this group you can find colors such as deep crimson, in case of Centifolia's such deep colors are missing, but due to hybridization with crimson china roses such color is possible to attain.

As the moss roses are of mixed breeding it is likely that these will be of mixed habits also. The true centifolia types are the roses that bloom only once, these bushes are tall and arching and they have floppy growth as in the case of "William Lobb". Many of the tallest shrubs area also trained as climbers. The other variety is the "Alfred d' Dalmas", this variety offers repeated bloom and they are shorted and have lesser manageable growth as they are bred from Portland Damasks. There are also miniature rose shrubs, these roses are all but "Heidi" from the program of Ralph Moore's. These tiny Mosses are exact copies or replicas of the bigger ones. They have the entire feature of their bigger counterparts but they are just smaller in size and come with the benefit of multiple bloom.