Rose Types

Miniature Roses

When considering versatility and hardiness of roses, miniature roses top the list and are now becoming a craze due to the same reason. The best thing about these roses is that they can be grown anywhere, in any form and in any climate. They can be transformed into bushes, hedges, fencing as well as decorative frames. It is the best way to start your rose garden since they are easy to raise and in the process you will gain the confidence you need to raise a rose garden all by yourself.

These types of roses are weather resistant to a great extent and can tolerate diverse weather conditions. Out of 11 zones in USDA Climate Zone Map, in a minimum of six zones the miniature roses do not require winter protection; all you do is just plant them and they stay well by themselves. Even in northern zones where it is very cold in the winters these plants can do with just a little bit of mulch; therefore you can understand the percentage of hardiness in these plants which make them suitable to be grown at almost any climate.

The miniature roses can be used to decorate almost anything in your house. They can be built up like hedges or bushes or just let them run wild, they will look very good. They serve to enhance the beauty especially of Japanese gardens when they are pruned to the correct size to fit the look of the rest of the garden. There is a certain variety of miniature roses called the "Micro Mini" which can be used as ground cover when pruned to a height of five inches. Another plus point of miniature roses is that they grow through the entire growing season from spring till the end of fall and therefore lets your garden look beautiful throughout with its blooms. In fact you could get these roses in almost as many colors as you get for regular roses.

In fact miniature roses are very similar to regular roses; not just by their variety and color but also by their water and sunlight requirements. There are certain varieties of miniature roses which can thrive well in shade and a few hours of sunlight is generally sufficient for them to grow properly. To learn if your plant is getting the required amount of sunlight or not all you have to do is keep a careful watch over the leaves of the plant. If the leaves are wide apart from the stem then know that they are not getting proper sunlight; on the other hand if the leaves are close together then it indicates good health which shows that the plant is getting adequate sunlight.

One point to keep in mind is that do not go for miniature roses if you are looking for fragrance since miniature roses hardly have any fragrance of their own. They are highly attractive and aesthetically pleasing but fragrance they do not have. This is one of the main reasons why they go so well in gardens filled with fragrant flowers. But anyway you will enjoy seeing these little flowers in full bloom and will love raising them due to the ease of maintenance and frequent bloom.