Rose Types

Landscape Rose 

Have you ever seen a rose plant with a sign to it proclaiming that it is a landscape rose? The answer will be no but, for your information, there are rose plants that can be grown along with other plants in your garden and are all the more better suited for such.
These are certain qualities that discern these types of rose plants, the type that will add color to your landscape and such type of roses are known as landscape roses.

1. It will bloom continuously through the whole season in a cluster or single state and flowers will be colorful.

2. The plant will require little or no pruning at all and blooms will fade prettily and fall clean off the plant making room for new blooms.

3. It will be resistant to the usual rose diseases.

4. The plant will be hardy and will be able to withstand cold winters.

5. The plant will require no additional treatment and the culture given to the other plants which will grow around it will be enough to sustain it.

We, who have a knack for gardening, know that roses are fussy plants and require a lot of do to keep them hale and hearty but the good news is that nowadays new varieties of rose plants are available that require no attention at all and will be as strong as the other plants in your garden. These types of roses are generally hybrid roses in which all the good qualities of the plant is kept while reducing the negative qualities.

These newer hybrid varieties, the shrublets, shrubs, climbers and floribundas have higher flower power with a large variety of colors available. They grow in clusters and the blooming is repeated very frequently throughout the entire season. The plants are not messy either and the blooms drop off neatly after they are done.

The main benefit of keeping these plants is that the care you take for the other plants of your garden is enough to suffice for them. Spraying of fungicide becomes totally unnecessary for this type of rose plants and moreover they stay green and lush through the season in spite of it. 

But the important thing is that your resistant hybrid plants should do the job you want them to do, they should make you happy. You can choose form a wide range of sizes, colors and fragrances of roses, as per your liking.

A few suggestions to help you make your choice:

* For a colorful shrubby and compact border you can choose the 'Rabble Rouser' known for its gleaming golden yellow color and beautiful glossy leaves or the 'Raven' if you would rather prefer red over gold.

* For a disease resistant, beautiful velvety red bloom you can choose the 'Home Run' which is about four feet in height, has great foliage and grows anywhere.

* For an upright and tall plant you can go for the "Livin' Easy" or its offspring "Easy Goin'" which are orange and peach-yellow in color respectively.

* For a great decoration of your fence choose 'Fourth of July'. The white and red striped blooms will make your fence dazzle!!

Remember, there is a rose for every occasion and for all your heart's desire.