Rose Types

Hybrid Teas Roses 

The hybrid teas roses are a tall and elegant variety, and they produce the famed long-stem roses. They repeatedly produce individual flowers in a season. 

Hybrid tea roses are very famous in all parts of the world. They are prized because of their long stems, great shape and a unique fragrance. Almost all hybrid teas are budded onto the rootstocks which assist in their faster growth, more so in their initial years. In California, almost all of the hybrid teas are budded onto the rootstock of Dr. Huey, while Fortuniana is preferred in Florida. In the North, growers of rose opt for Rosa multi-flora as the rootstock. Some of the commercial growers are experimenting growing these on their very roots, but the results of it have been far from satisfactory, as the hybrid teas grown there are of a poor quality, and the growth is also pretty slow. 

Most of the newer hybrid teas are not as fragrant as the roses of the yesteryears were, but some of them are very fragrant indeed. Some variants like the Perfume Delight, Double Delight, Secret, etc., can be compared to the scent obtained from the old garden roses as well. The others just have a slight fragrance to them. Every year, there are many new varieties of hybrid teas that are introduced, but it's difficult, and almost impossible, to improve on perfection!  


1. Multi-colored: Peace 
They have large and double blossoms, and are bright yellow in color, with a fruity and mild fragrance. Cool summers are suited well to it.  

2. Amalia Hybrid Tea Rose 
They have a long stem, and the red rose looks very beautiful. It's a strong growing plant having semi-glossy foliage, green in color. For those having a rose garden, it is a must addition to it. The most exciting and attractive feature about these roses are their long stems and the red color. They have big buds and are disease resistant.  

3. Red: Veterans horror 
They are dark red with a berry fragrance. They were introduced in the year 1999 to honor the civilians of the Armed Forces of America. A part of the sale goes to the Dept. of Veteran Affairs.  

4. Pink: Friendship 
They have a rich pink bloom, which is bordered by a dash of red. It can withstand many climatic conditions and are disease resistant. They also have a sweet fragrance.  

5. Yellow: Midas touch 
They are famous and blooming tea roses. They also have an intense double bloom, and are very easy to grow, besides being tolerant to the extremes of climates and are disease resistant as well.  

6. Yellow: Celebrity 
As the name suggests, they are deep yellow in color, having a fruity fragrance and are climate adaptable.  

7. Orange: Tropicana 
They are very famous hybrid teas, and have a strong fragrance with double bloom. But they are quite susceptible to mildew.  

8. Orange: Voodoo 
Their color combines orange, yellow and red. They appreciate warm summers, and are disease resistant. A strong fragrance is their feature.  

9. White: Green party 
They are good cut flowers having a mild fragrance. They like hot summers and are white colored with pink outer shades.  

10. Lavender: Purple passion 
These are a new variety, having a lemony scent. They are dark purple, and have double blossoms.