Rose Types

Hybrid Perpetual Roses

The hybrid perpetual rose belongs to the true class of a hybrid plant. This class of roses originated from mixing the Bourbon roses with roses of other breeds.  Theses varied groups of perpetual roses were very popular during the Victorian times. Most of these plants grow very tall as high as 6 feet and as a result these are very good to be used as pillar roses or to put them around the fence, although the re-bloom ability of many of these varieties is not a sure factor. In most of the cases you can find a heavy bloom in the early summer, out of these some of them re-bloom in the late summers and in autumn. The fragrance of these flowers is exceptional and the colors range from white to crimson. These plants are only moderately hardy in zone five and they need care. These have to be protected from winter and they need special sitting in order to have the best results. These plants also occasional suffer from black spot and mildew. Once these plants get a chance to establish them in an era they perform much better than they would have performed otherwise.

In case you are interested in gardening, then make sure to plant these hybrid perpetual plants, theses will act as adornment to your garden, the best part about them are that your garden will look beautiful for a larger part of the year that is from June to September that is the blooming season of these plants. You do not have to be at a professional in order to be able to grow this class of roses; any soil will suit well for this type of roses the only requirement is that the soil should be well drained. While preparing the soil for this plant, make sure that you spade up the soil to a depth of at least eighteen inches. Also it is important that you add about one-fifth of the quantity of soils as manure. You can use either cow manure or horse manure or both mixed.

It is important that you pant the rose bushes far apart, these rose bushes need sun and air both and they need a large area of soil such that they can get their nourishment from. In case you put them close together there will be restricted flow of air and due to the thick foliage sun will not be able to penetrate amongst the bushes, this will lead to a weak growth and you will be able to get only a few buds on the plant.

You should space these plants at least three feet from one another, keep the soil as loose as possible and you should have a great bed if roses tat will make you proud.