Rose Types

Hybrid Musks 

Peter Lambert introduced the breed "Aglaia" which was bred from Rosa multiflora and it is from this bred species that propagated the new class of roses known as Hybrid Musk roses. These were mainly developed by the Reverend Joseph Pemberton. The Reverend and his successors Jack and Anne Bentall developed this variety from 'Trier' and Hybrid Teas. As can be clearly seen from the Hybrid Musk, the Reverend had a great liking for scent in roses.  

The great thing about this variety of rose is that it releases its fragrance freely in the air and more so if the climate is warm and humid. The hot honeyed scent of the rose is in fact a characteristic of the Rosa multiflora group but the scent of this particular group is that of a mixture of clove, fruit, honey and orris of tea rose. The highly entrancing and hypnotizing scent hangs in heavy clouds around the garden and creates a potion of bliss when it gets mixed with the scents of heliotrope and other exotic ornaments of the garden.  

These roses are extremely useful if you would want to decorate your garden. Apart from its rapturous smell it can also be made to climb pillars, be shaped as hedges or be just left alone to climb up a wall or sprawl on the floor of the garden. The flowers are formed on sub-lateral and short lateral branches. It is important that the plant is not pruned too much because the flowers grow on wood that is formed in the second year of planting or from wood much older than that. Therefore too much pruning would do it harm and no good depriving you from quality bloom huge in quantity. Hence prune judiciously and then let it grow by itself. 

The flowers grow in beautiful clusters and their colors are sometimes tinged with a metallic gold or copper which give an unparalleled charm to your garden. 

Today, over thirty varieties of Hybrid Musk are available commercially in New Zealand itself and more and more are being added to the number. Rose collectors all over the world are very eager to seek every single variety out and include it in their collection. But dreams are made to be thwarted. People always face the problem of less space, a garden has to be made within limits. 

The group of roses blooms in large clusters and are very fragrant with recurrent blooms which flower from spring till the end of autumn. Many of the group produces hips that look very pretty and dainty and most will grow to a height of one and a half meters if you allow them by not pruning too much. 

In fact Hybrid Musks are a group of roses that are never out of place in any garden. They can always beautify a garden whether you place them as shrub-climbers or mixed border or just alone. Shrub-climbers make a beautiful background by their cheerful colors and healthy green foliage while a mixed border looks beautiful and charming.