Rose Types

Heirloom Roses

An important landmark in the development of modern rose growing is hybridization. Various rose plants have been crossed to produce varieties of new rose plants with larger blooms, and heavier productions. The tea roses and the floribunda variety of roses now found in most gardens is an achievement of the hybridization process. However this does not mean that the heirloom roses are lost; they are there and are ready for a comeback.

Heirloom roses are a variety of rose which are a hundred years in age, you may say an antique rose that has been carefully cultivated through the ages so that they can be produced even now from their seeds. These plants can be categorized into several varieties while the actual number of varieties can not be accurately pinpointed. Gallicas, Albas, moss, Centifolia and the Damasks are a few examples of the antique variety. All of these antique plants are special because of their exotic fragrance and large, beautiful blooms. Even though hybrid varieties are so popular in all gardens these antique roses add that element of uniqueness to your garden.

Growing and caring for these rose plants are not an issue at all. What you might do is take some advice from the local garden hub or from any good gardener you know as to decide on the type of heirloom rose that will be best suited to your climate and soil type.

Taking care of your rose plant is another facet that you should look into. Water only at the root of the plant and do not water the leaves or the stem or the flowers as this will help keep rust and mould away from your plant. Take care that fallen leaves and other debris do not get gathered around the root of the plant. Always clear it away since it enables the roots to breathe freely. Prune properly and just don't hack away. Prune sensibly, use gloves to protect yourself and pay more attention to the centre of the plant. An early spring pruning will do wonders for your heirloom roses.

Focus on cutting your plant down to size by removal of all dead wood, old branches and any weak growing parts. This will give you a strong and sturdy variety of plant which will bloom beautifully. Taking care of your shears is also important as if the shears get rusted or are unclean then it might be the hub of all fungus and mould that you want to keep off your precious plants.

Lastly, all that can be said is go ahead, take in some heirloom varieties and turn your garden into a spectacle with these beautiful traditional and elegant flowers.