Rose Types


Gallicas the oldest of all the roses that have ever been bred and as a result they are more evolved. Here you will find the roses in very wild colors; you can in fact also find spotted and striped variety in this case. Because of this reason they are referred as the "Mad Gallicias."
Generally Gallicas have a stocky plant these plants have an open blossom and they are help upright. They come in different colors from each side ranging from rose-red. You can find limitless variations in this category of plants. You can find plants that are ranging in different heights; you can find blossoms such as single blossom to double blossoms, you can find them in colors such as pink to maroon.  

All of the Gallicas are roses that bloom only once in year. The blooming period is very brief, generally 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes the blooming period is as large as 6 weeks. In most of the cases these roses have a very good fragrance, there are only a very few exception to this.

These shrubs are graceful and they are ideal for gardens although they can be proven to be a little too big for small gardens. The height of most of them is as high as three to four feet and if they are grown on their roots they can spread to form thickets. In case you have a smaller garden it is then best to grow a grafted specimen, these specimen do not sucker. Although the disease resistance of these plants is very good, they do end up getting some mildew in damp and cool weather. 

The foliage of this plant is bushy in nature and the color is dull green. These are heavily veined and they turn a deep red color in winters.  The colors of the flowers are generally ion darker shade of pink and crimson.  Many of the times the common mistake made by people is to mistake the striped Gallicias, Rose Mundi to be the rose of New York and Lancaster. However the difference is that York and Lancaster roses are damask roses which have white and pink roses and also white and pink stripped roses on the same bush. This is also supposed to be a symbol of union and friendship between the two rival houses. In case of Rose Mundi all the flowers are stripped.

It is a very easy task to grow Gallicias, they are tolerant to all types of temperature be it hot or cold. These plants can grow all over US and over Europe; the only places that they cannot grow is the very hot parts of Italy and Spain. They can even grow in shady region and also in poor soil.