Rose Types

Designing a Rose Garden

Do you want to design your rose garden so as to make it picturesque? If you do then here are some tips on how you can do that. It is simply a matter of choosing what type of roses you want to present in your garden and which supporting plants you would like to use to compliment your garden all the more. Spacing is an aspect though that you should look into as for roses to grow in a healthy way the right amount of spacing is very necessary.

At first your primary job will be to choose the type of roses that you would like to use in your garden. Choose your rose plant according to the space that you would be able to allot to the plant since you would not want your rose roots to get all entangled and messy. Generally miniature roses take minimal space, standard roses require a bit more and climbers require a lot, at least 7-8 feet.

When you have decided on the type of rose plant you are about to plant then start deciding on the color of the rose that you would like to bloom in your garden. One word of advice, go for old breeds of rose since they will make your job as a gardener easy since these roses tend to be sturdier and easier to care for. You could pattern your garden in such a way that you have a bed of standard roses in the centre and miniature roses to go as boundary around it also alternating the color of the flowers or keeping the color the same. You might also plant roses of the color of your house so as to make a color match.

Finally when you are planting the roses be sure to plant them at good distances from each other, making any symmetric pattern which is pleasing to the eye and aesthetically appealing as well. Anyway rose gardens appeal a lot but to add attraction to the appeal you might want to keep the design of the garden simple and since rose gardens look the best in geometric designs so you might want to design yours in a geometric pattern like in a square or a circle. These designs are simple but have great effects on the onlooker.

One sure way of making your rose garden more striking is placing a stone wall fountain in it. To add to the décor you could also use your roses by making them climb the stone walls of the fountain. This would really be a great way to compliment your rose garden as the contrast of the color of roses and the background of the stone wall will work in a very dramatic way.