Rose Types

Blue Roses

Blue Roses do not occur naturally in nature. Over the last few centuries, much mystique has evolved surrounding the creation of such a rose. Any blue roses that are readily accessible in the market now are white roses dyed blue or are cross-breeds, and are not actually a true blue color. Suntory, a Japanese company, claimed to have created a blue rose in 2004 containing blue pigments via the process of genetic engineering. The rose is called the Suntory Rose and rather than being a true blue color, it is closer to lilac or lavender in shade. In 2011 the rose was made available in the North American retail market and has been very popular.

Suntory Rose ApplauseBut what makes that rose the special shade of blue-lilac? Delphinidin is the gene or the enzyme that secretes the blue pigment and originates in pansies. Although this particular gene is not found at all in the rose petals, the company creating this blue flower claims that practically one hundred percent of the blue pigment is included in the bloom of the rose.

To acquire a true blue rose, one has to search out a way to produce the blue pigment in the rose without any change to the rose itself. As a more natural technique to produce this has not been being discovered, true blue roses have not been brought into the market as yet and the quest to produce one remains the "Holy Grail" of the horticultural world. Conventional hybridization techniques have certainly resulted in mauve or lavendar shades of blue roses, but known varieties like "Blue Moon" are more genuinely described as again having a lilac appearance rather than a genuine blue pigment.

Blue RosesBlue roses are still basically a product of legend. Poets and story-tellers alike have been waxing eloquent on the mythos of the blue rose for centuries. Blue roses signify the color of love. The blue rose also highlights the meanings of charm and attraction at first sight. Symbols of love and romance are lavender and lilac roses as well which have been interconnected with each other. Messages of enchantment, mystery and miracles are also expressed by these blue flowers. When someone finally does creat the first true blue rose, it will certainly be appreciated as a symbol of prevailing over hardship and difficulty, since the attainment of the prize has been long coming and hard won.