Rose Types

Ayrshire Roses

Ayrshire rose is a variety that has been in the market for over hundreds of years. It has been a hot property for all gardeners and now you too can take it up and add the old world charm to your personal piece of land.

The origin of this rose is somewhat ambiguous because there is a discrepancy as to whether it belongs natively to England or not. It seems that the variety was developed from Rosa arvensis in Scotland and from there various hybrids were produced. But it has been proven that even if it is not native to England, it is surely native to Britain.

About the Ayrshire

Ayrshire RosesHardiness Zones: the roses are very hardy to cold weather, as far as zones 3 and 4 but check the details to specify.

Bloom Time & Color: Ayrshires generally produce a single flush of fragrant blooms in early part of summer or the late springs and sometimes the blooms are semi-double. Range of colors from white to pink to yellow.

Foliage: Ayrshire foliage is dark green and glossy.

Growth Habit: Often named "ramblers", the rose plant is quite long and flexible with the canes fountaining either to be turned into impressive climbers or be prostrated and made into ground cover.

Dimensions: Ayrshire grows up to heights of minimum 15' but generally higher.

Preferred Conditions: Ayrshire roses can tolerate bad soil conditions, shade and are usually more tolerant to draught than other rose varieties.

Maintenance: Pruning Ayrshires should be undertaken with care and should be done very rarely as the flowers bloom on the old shoots. Remove only the dead, diseased parts.

Pests or Diseases: Ayrshire is a disease and pest resistant rose plant.

Companion Plants: Any early summer blooming plant can be made the companion of this rose but the best would be the Medieval Era heirloom plants.

Uses in the Garden: Ayrshire roses are generally used to create the fountain of roses in gardens, grow as ground cover or to prevent soil erosion on hillsides.

Ayrshire Varieties & Cultivars

  • Ayrshire Splendens (Rosa arvensis 'Splendens') - Also known by the name of 'Splendens' and 'Myrrh Ayrshire', the rose is a grand choice for forming a rose fountain with fragrant blooms pink in color. It has a vigorous growth to 15'and is in existence since pre-1830.
  • Ayrshire Queen – this is also a pre-1830 Ayrshire rose that has deep pink buds which open to reveal pale flowers flushed with a bit of red. They are usually classified as red blend color and the grace and fragrance of the flowers is outstanding. It grows to about 20'.
  • Dundee Rambler – a pre-1850 Ayrshire rose, it is very well-known for its double, white flowers that have a strong fragrance.
  • Bennett's Seedling – Also known as 'Thoresbyana', it is a white flowered,  free-blooming shrub that has remarkable shade tolerance and is hardy to the zone 5 and can grow to 10' without any protection.
  • Janet B. Wood – since 1786 this Ayrshire shrub has been enjoyed by generations of gardeners. It has semi double white blooms and the plant can grow to a generous span of 30 feet if given proper support.